Spring Fun for Babies

The flowers are starting to bloom, the days are longer and brighter and the birds, bees and other delightful wildlife are beginning to reappear. I love spring and now that I have my own little lamb to focus on. I am finding lots of fun Spring things for Baby D…

Happy Birthday Grandad

Dad we have always shared many things, our love of music, sense of humour and of course our birthday. What a present you got that year! I know I am a bit of a Daddy’s girl at times so here are some lovely memories with you that I’d like to…

Baby Picasso at Work- The Joys of Painting with a Baby

He tries to eat the paint, he will cover everything in paint but most importantly heĀ  loves painting.I kind of love chaos and we bought safe non toxic paint so I wasn’t really phased by the idea of painting with a baby, the Hubby was a bit more reserved but…

discovery and imaginative play

Discovery and Imaginative Play with Baby D

I love learning through play and putting my teaching skills to good use with Baby D, sometimes a bit too much! I was so excited when Baby D got his Tuff Spot for Christmas, it got me thinking about different ways of playing with Baby D and exploring sensory play….

Life with Our Little Adventurer

I have not been on top of the blog for the last few weeks as Baby D has decided to check off half his Wee Red Book in the space of about a week. He has started crawling- far too efficiently, he can sit himself up and he is now…

UPPAbaby Vista- Review

Choosing a Pram or nowadays ‘travel system’ was one of the biggest purchases we had to make for Baby D aside from the Nursery Furniture. The tricky part is you have to buy it without really realising what is important in transport for babies.

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